Wednesday 25 January 2012

Clynol Haircare Review: Moisture Collection

Good evening ladies!!
I am reviewing a range today that i received to review before Christmas as reward for receiving the accolade of ImmediatePR Blog of the Week!! I was chuffed to bits that i was chosen! I'm a bit late with this review though... Partly because i was flat out over Christmas and am only just about recovered and partly because i think that, with products like shampoos and conditioners, you have to give them a good run before reaching a verdict. 
So here are the products i received....

Clynol is a salon exclusive brand who also have a range of colourants and other salon systems. In my previous (although not recent) experience of their products i have always found them to be of a very high quality and i believe that they generally offer great results for the price. 
This collection is marketed as being super moisturising but lightweight, so suitable for daily use (with the exception of the treatment which is recommended for weekly use). The key ingredient in this range is bamboo milk to hydrate without weighing the hair down. It is a simple range. No sickly sweet fruity fragrance or fancy colours, which i like. I find the mild scent to be quite comforting. Kind of like baby lotion.

Moisture Hydrate Shampoo:
I'll be honest and say that i am unable to use this shampoo for every wash as i suffer from a dry scalp and tend to use the Head and Shoulders Smooth and Silky as my main shampoo at the moment or the itch drives me crazy!! However, i have been using this shampoo once a week to give my hair a little treat and i do like it. It's quite milky in texture so you do not need a lot. It isn't soapy either so don't expect it to lather up too much. In my experience, lots of bubbles does not necessarily mean your hair is any cleaner, but more of a reflection of what is in the shampoo. This formula is very simple and lightweight. 

Moisture Dream Bi-Phase Conditioner:
This is a very clever product. It isn't like a conventional conditioner. It is a leave in formula which consists of two layers which are shaken together before spraying into towel dry hair. I think it is intended for use INSTEAD of a heavy regular conditioner and would be perfect for those with fine or flat hair as it will not make it greasy or drag it down like a rich, intense conditioner. For me, however, i use it as well as my normal conditioner as this product on its own is not enough for me to get a brush right through my hair. Please note that i have MEGA thick hair and no issues with body or volume so thats not to say the product does not work, just that it isn't the perfect product for me, but i HAVE been using it and it is a very decent leave in conditioner. I just can't get away with it on its own. 

Moisture Charm Lightweight Treatment:
I like this treatment and have been following the instructions and using it once a week, leaving it in the hair for 5-10mins before rinsing out. Again, it's not a rich, heavy, indulgent treatment but the moisturising products in it give a lovely softness and shine to the hair after blowdrying. I actually use the leave in as well after this treatment, just because my hair is so wild but i would totally recommend this product to someone with fine hair that is in need of a moisture hit as it will not drag your hair down whatsoever. I tend to use this when i have a bit of extra time and can just lie in the bath and let it do its thing. Sometimes i even do a face mask at the same time. It feels like a real treat! 

To sum up, these products are not exactly perfect for my hair type, but i will continue to use them as I really do rate Clynol products. I'm very grateful to ImmediatePR for sending them to me because i have not tried anything new from the brand in quite a while. I'd say this would be perfect for finer haired ladies or those lacking in volume, yet need a bit of extra moisture. The lightweight formula is perfect for hydrating without overloading the hair and weighing it down. They are a real treat and well worth spending the extra pennies for a salon product. For more information on these and other fab products from Clynol check HERE!

Have you tried any Clynol products?? What are your go-to hydrating hair favourites??

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