Friday 20 January 2012

Baby I Can See Your Halo.... (Hair Extensions)

Good afternoon ladies!!
This week i got a very exciting parcel through my door. It's something i've been so curious about for a while now and now i finally have one of my own!! I've been totally in love with my Halo Hair Extensions ever since i was sent them to review back in August (read my review on the 20" Clip in Set HERE) and, although i adore my clip ins, I have been having some issues with them as my hair has been growing and the wonderful people at Halo offered to send me the Halo to try!! Lucky lucky Lisa!!

So as you probably gathered, i opted for the 16" Halo in Chocolate Brown. What makes the Halo different from the clip in extensions is the simplicity of it. The clip ins are quick and easy to use but the Halo is just a breeze!! It adds length and volume in just one step. Place it onto your head so it hugs the shape then quickly pull your own hair over the Halo to hide the weft. It literally only takes a minute!!
As with all Halo products it is excellent quality 100% Remy human hair and retails from £79.99 depending on the length you choose. 

Time for the 'Before' photo....

My hair has grown A LOT since i have been using hair extensions (not due to the extensions themselves, just generally), but as it grows it grows THICK and the ends of my clip ins were getting a little tatty and not really blending very well. The Halo i received is actually a shade lighter than the clip ins i have as i have been trying to get my hair to more of a lighter warm brown recently. The Halo is a pretty good match, however, my ends were slightly darker than my all over colour so a little ColourB4 on the ends was needed for it to blend in PERFECTLY. As it turned out i didn't even need to re-dye my hair afterwards and i am left with a gorgeous chocolate brown that i am so pleased with!! 

And here's my hair AFTER the Halo....

HA!! Massive hair in the face!! Always happens when i take photos.... Blehhhh

Anyhoo...... One of the major advantages i've found with the Halo is that you don't have to plug up gaps like you do with clip ins. Especially with my hair being so thick. I'd been having to wear a set and a half of the regular clip ins for it to blend properly, which resulted in a LOT of clips (you ever get that thing where you hug someone and the clips go straight into your scalp?? Ouchie), but i can barely feel this in my hair. The effect it gives is a bit different. It doesn't reach all the way round to the very front sections of my hair so it gives more of a layered effect. Shorter haired girls may want to bear this in mind (or pop in a couple of clip ins just around the front to balance it out), but my hair isn't actually that much shorter than the 16" Halo. I'm loving this length for everyday wear though as it looks so natural and is totally secure. Think i will be wanting a 20" Halo as well in the near future for more dramatic looks!!

I plan on doing a further post to make a more detailed comparison between the Halo and the Clip In hair extensions so expect that in a week or so. I am in the process of filming instructional videos on each type to show you exactly how to apply and blend them correctly. I have also previously done a post on how to care for hair extensions (this can be found HERE) and if anybody has any questions at all about the products or any other kind of hair extensions in general (I am qualified in Balmain Keratin Bonded hair extensions also) feel free to comment or email me. 

Massive thank you's to the gorgeous people at Halo. They really could not be more happy to help. If you are unsure about ANY of their products or whether or not they will work for you, you can email a photo and your query to and they will do their very best to colour match you and help you decide on the right product. Make sure you follow them on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest product news and giveaways. They love to chat as well!! 

Have you tried Halo Hair Extensions?? What other brands do you rate?? 



  1. I love your hair colour like this, the extensions look stunning :) xx

  2. I got sent the halo too and as my hair is shorter I totally have the problem with it not reaching around the sides. So I just curl the hair and wear it all pulled to one side to hide it :)

    Your hair is a lush colour at the moment and sooo shiny! The halo looks great! xx

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  3. This looks great, i am currently experiencing the clip in dig in nightmare right now lol, they hurt sometimes!! great post xx


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