Friday 13 January 2012

17 Supreme Shine Lipstick in 'Hot Stuff'

Good evening lovelies!!
So i've been trying really hard to experiment and branch out a little when it comes to lipstick. I adore nude lips and shades like MAC Shy Girl and Hue are my go-to lip choices for almost every occasion leaving the focus on my eye make up. However, since Christmas, i have been more and more interested in perfecting a bold lipstick look and have been researching into adding some brighter shades to my collection.
I've found that a great way to do this is down at my local Boots and Superdrug. I had some points on my Boots card this week and went in search of an affordable red lipstick to 'experiment' with. And i came up with this.....

17 Supreme Shine Lipstick in Hot Stuff

This lipstick is a gorgeous colour. It does appear a lot more red in the bullet than it appears when applied to the lips. Swatching revealed that this lipstick actually leans quite pink in natural light. The formula of this is much more pigmented than the Mirror Shine lipsticks from 17, which are almost like lip glosses, however the  lipstick still does not quite apply opaque. This isn't a problem for me though. It just means that i can build it up if i want a brighter look or just apply a quick wash of colour.

The shine really is lovely. The formula also feels lovely on the lips and is in no way drying. You wouldn't need a separate gloss with this range. My one grumble with this lipstick is that you do need to reapply it quite often, although with a budget brand drugstore lipstick i suppose you can't have it all. If this were a high end brand though, i'd be spitting feathers. 

Soooooo all in all I like this lipstick as a starting point for my bright lip mission. It's not long lasting but, for 17 prices, I think it delivers very well in terms of colour, formula and finish. My ultimate bright lipsticks that i'm working up to are MAC Impassioned, Girl About Town and Ruby Woo. At the moment there is really not much point in me shelling out for them though. I don't really go anywhere to justify a bright lipstick. I'm doing this experiment to satisfy my own curiosity. So cheaper alternatives like this really do have their place and are so useful for experimenting with new shades. MUA also do some wonderful lipstick shades and I plan to pick up a couple  in the next week or so. 

What are your favourite drugstore brands?? What brights are you loving lately??



  1. This looks fantastic on! Love the colour so much

    Marie x

  2. I love this colour! And you can't argue for the money! I think MUA to pretty good lipsticks to.
    Stace x


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