Friday 4 November 2011

Liz Earle: Cleanse & Polish Review

I've finally got the photos, the time and the mental capacity to write my overdue Liz Earle review!! I've had their Cleanse & Polish for a little while now and, whilst i wanted to wait until i had used it over a period of time before writing this review to give it a fair trial, other stuff has subsequently gotten in the way and prevented me from writing the review up until now. I really wanted to take the time to write about it properly and it not be a hurried post, so i hope the lovely Liz Earle peeps will forgive me for the delay as they were so kind in sending me this product to try!! 

Consider this my Liz Earle cherry officially POPPED!! And i'm loving it! I was sent the 100ml pump starter kit which comes in a cute zippy bag with the Liz Earle logo and includes two muslin clothes. It retails on the Liz Earle website for £13.75. Liz Earle are proud of the all natural ingredients they use in all of their products and this is no exception and contains all manner of gorgeous things such as chamomile, cocoa butters and eucalyptus essential oils (it smells so fresh, almost like a Vick kind of smell).

It's a product of two halves. The first phase being a cleansing phase and the second being the polishing phase (cos it's called Cleanse & Polish dontcha know.... DUH).
You massage this product over the face and neck on dry skin (i've been removing my make up with a wipe prior to using the product) before soaking one of the clothes in hand hot water and buffing off the product with it. To complete you simply splash the face with cold water to tighten the pores and further refresh the skin. It's a really simple process which Liz Earle recommend performing twice daily. 

The texture of the product took me quite by surprise actually. I wasn't expecting it to be as thick and balmy as it is (not that i'm saying this as a negative, I just haven't experienced a cleanser quite like it before). It glides on really easily, even onto dry skin. I love the tingle i get from the eucalyptus and as a result my skin feels VERY clean and refreshed after using it. I have combination skin and really appreciate how it leaves my oily areas squeaky clean whilst being kind to the dryer areas (that'll be the cocoa butter element then).

I haven't stuck strictly to the rules as this is the only Liz Earle product i currently own so i have been following it up with my Vie Pure Delight toner and a light moisturiser (usually Olay Beauty fluid), but since using products like this and the Dermalogica products i received in my October GlossyBox (love love LOVE those) i feel like i have been given a bit of a kick up the backside to revamp my skincare routine. After all i am creeping up on 30 (next September, EEEEEK) and feel like i should be investing in some insurance for my skin. 

I reckon this product would be a safe bet for almost ALL skin types. It's oil free for the combo girlies like myself but has enough cocoa butter loveliness to please the dryer sorts out there. The starter pack seems a great price for anyone wanting to try it out. I haven't a clue why i haven't tried it sooner after all the positive things i hear rattling around the blogosphere and on twitter. You can find it, along with their entire range of other gorgeous products on their website HERE!

What are your skincare must haves?? Are you a Liz Earle convert like myself?? What should i try next??


  1. Love Liz Earle as well! The moisturiser is lovely, esp the superskin one for winter. Love how it is all packaged like it's Christmas when your parcel arrives! x

  2. I must be the only blogger not sent this lol xxx I've read so many reviews on it that I must try it soon xx


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