Saturday 22 February 2014

Skincare Saturday: My Top 3 Body Butters

Oh HAI! Sorry it's been a slow blog week this week compared to the last fortnight, folks. I've had a presentation to prepare for University so my time has been well and truly taken up until now. Now that it's all finished, however, I've been taking advantage of the sunshine. I thought I'd follow my trend from last week and do a Skincare Saturday post for you all featuring my Top 3 Body Butter products...

The Body Shop Passionfruit Body Butter (£13) -
Oh come on now, who doesn't love The Body Shop's body butters?? I'll be honest now and admit that their Passionfruit butter isn't currently available It is, however, my all time favourite of all the varieties they do and I was excited to spot it in their January Sale. It smells heavenly! I'm sure it will be back again as a special edition in the future though. In general though, I speak for all of the range of butters that they have, and they have so many to choose from. Their Hemp butter has been another favourite of mine. The formula is really rich and luxurious and leaves my skin so smooth and smelling AMAZING! Sadly for me, these butters contain beeswax (which is not a vegan friendly ingredient, I bought this tub while I was still somewhere in between vegetarian and vegan) so I will not be repurchasing them again unless I can find a variant without. I'll just have to savour this one while it lasts. I'm definitely not going to let it go to waste. 

Superdrug Cherry & Macadamia Body Butter (£1.98) -
I thought I'd add a little budget beauty into the mix for good measure. I picked this up as an emergency purchase over Christmas whilst away at my parents in Derbyshire and have since repurchased it. There are several varieties in the range but I picked this one because I love a fruity fragrance when it comes to body creams and BOY is this one fruity! Considering this butter costs up to a £11 less than either of the others in this post it really does hold its own. It's not quite as heavy as the other two which is great if you don't always need an intensive product. This has become my 'everyday' product. 

Nip+Fab Pistachio Sundae Body Butter 
Major grumble time now... Nip+Fab have DISCONTINUED this product!! You might recognise it from my Stars of 2013 Skincare edition post back in January but, upon investigation today, it appears that it is no more. Also discontinued is their Coconut Latte version. I'm still going to feature it as I really enjoy their body butters in general (as with The Body Shop) and it's the formula that counts over the scent at the end of the day. I find this butter to be really quick to absorb and not at all greasy on the skin. The range contains Aquaxyl which provides up to 24hrs moisturisation. They do a wonderful Mango Smoothie version and I'm hoping that this sad news will mean that there will be new varieties being released for 2014. I'll let you know if I make any discoveries!

As you can see, I haven't dared dig into my Passionfruit butter yet. That one will be reserved just for special occasions. I like to switch up scents when it comes to body products so I dip in and out of all the butters I have depending on my mood. I also have The Body Shop's new Chocomania body butter on the go from the sale which is also gorgeous. I'd recommend any of these brands for moisturisation, application and wonderful scents. Variety is the spice of life after all! 

What are your favourite body products?? Do you favour a particular brand?? Do you prefer fruity fragrances??

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