Wednesday 12 February 2014

NEW: Nails Inc Gel Effect Shades for SS14

What can I say other than I know.... I'm completely obsessed. Nails Inc are my not-so-guilty pleasure in life. And I'm not sorry at all, I tell you! As a brand, they're also some of the loveliest people ever and I've got some MORE brand new Spring/Summer releases to show you today in the form of their Gel Effect polishes in 5 on-trend seasonal shades. 

Nails Inc Gel Effect Polishes* (L-R)
Mayfair Lane - Dusky Pale Pink
Downtown - Gel Effect Pink
Kensington Passage - Gel Effect Coral
Soho Place - Gel Effect Aqua
Mercer Street - Gel Effect Blue

I recently reviewed Nails Inc's new 'In The Nude' Colour Collection for SS14 (Post Here) and admired it for the soft nudes and pastels. Well, these shades couldn't be more opposite, except for Mayfair Lane which is the most perfect, soft petal pink I've ever seen! These shades are bright, in your face and perfect for Summer. I love the packaging on the Gel polishes as well. A bit different from your regular Nails Inc bottle. These are some seriously posh polishes!

The Nails Inc Gel formula is seriously plump with no UV required. I used only a single coat for these swatches and just look how glossy they are! I'm still trying to figure out my favourites. At the moment it's between Mercer Street and Mayfair Lane but I just know my preferences will change as the weather heats up and I start pulling all my Summer brights out of my wardrobe. Any of these shades could also be used to jazz up a plain black or white outfit. 

All of these shades are available to order NOW from and cost £14 for 8ml.

Are you a Nails Inc obsessive?? What shades have got you excited for Spring/Summer?? Do you love a Gel formula??


  1. NEED!! Why do I have to be so skint?? Why?

  2. These really are beautiful but I think my favourites would have to be the bright pink and the light pink/nude shade. At £14 each they're quite pricey though, I think the new Models Own versions are more in my price range at the moment x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

    1. I know what you mean. Nails Inc are definitely in the 'occasional treat' price bracket. I didn't go for the Models Own ones as I'm not 100% sure what their animal testing policy is yet. If they're in the clear then I'll defo be investigating those too!

  3. I've tried a few gel polishes but none seem to last for more than a day, will definitely try these out! Thanks for the review x
    Katy x


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