Monday 9 December 2013

The Christmas Tag

Eeeeeeeeek I haven't done a tag in FOREVER! Mainly because nobody's tagged me or I just haven't found one that got me thinking. However, I was tagged last week by the lovely Natalie to do the Christmas Tag! In more recent years I've been rediscovering a fondness for this time of year after spending so many years just spending it working so this will be a great opportunity to tell you a few things I'm loving about the holiday season....

Well.... It's only going to be one of two things for me. Gingerbread Latte or Toffee Nut Latte (always with soya). In my opinion Starbucks make the best Gingerbread latte by far BUT I'm loving the Christmas cups Costa have come up with this year so I've found myself sneaking in there a little more often lately. 

Real or Synthetic Tree??
Everybody loves a real tree don't they? There's just something about the smell and feel of a real one. I'm no exception to this but I guess it just comes down to practicality at the end of the day. Pine needles are a whole load of hassle and I can't be doing with it. Plus my ferrets would strip it all to the bone within seconds. So I'll be going for a synthetic tree this year. 

Gold, gold, GOLD! I always have gold on my tree. The other colours I use can vary from year to year but I have to have gold somewhere in there! I must admit I do like the traditional reds and greens as well but I think my favourite combo would have to be white and gold. My parents have a beautiful gold star that they always put at the top of their tree which I have been secretly plotting to steal for quite a few years now but, as I've spent the last two Christmases at their place in Derbyshire I still get to look at it. 

What's Your Traditional Christmas Lunch??
I'm a turkey girl. I must admit that I eat VERY little meat in general, but I am a sucker for tradition at Christmas and only Turkey will do. My folks went through a phase of buying a goose or a duck at one point and every year I'd get a strop on that we didn't have a turkey. Another thing I can't live without at Christmas is the ham. It's become a custom now that, as soon as I arrive home for Christmas, my mother and I go shopping for a HUGE ham and we'll cook it in the slow cooker until it's perfect. Nom nom nom!

Hmmmmm... I'm on the fence with mince pies. I'm not particularly fond and it's not something I'd choose but I will partake if it is offered, just for the sake of entering into the spirit of it. It has to come with some kind of sauce though (brandy sauce FTW). Same with mulled wine. Definitely not a fan of that either, but it's a 'Christmassy' thing to have and therefore I will. 

Christmas Day Fashion
If it's just me, at home, I won't get dressed at all! Onesie all the way! At least that's how it was when I was working Christmases. Nowadays, my extended family seems to be making much more of an effort to get everyone together for Christmas so I've got into the habit of buying a new dress for the occasion. Last year it was a green Sugarhill Boutique dress with bats printed on it (festive I know), which I wore with leather look leggings and ankle boots. This year I've gone for something plainer, but you'll see it soon enough in a Festive OOTD I'm sure. 

Favourite Christmas Movie

It's a toss up. There are two movies I cannot last the Festive season without watching. The first is The Muppet Christmas Carol and the second is The Nightmare Before Christmas. I've already watched the Muppets 3 times so far this year (it's impossible to scroll past on Netflix). I also love National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. I'm a bit odd in that I HATE Home Alone, which I know is a popular one and Will Ferrell annoys the HELL out of me in Elf. Sorry not sorry. 

Favourite Christmas Song
Fairytale of New York. Hands down. Every time! Runner up is Tom Jones and Cerys Matthews 'It's Cold Outside'. Oddly, I find that East 17 'Stay Another Day' makes me feel more Christmassy than any of the traditional Christmas songs even though I wouldn't class it as one. Maybe I've attached it to a Christmas memory or something. 

For me Christmas isn't really about presents. It's about finally getting the chance to be with everyone all together on one day. A lot of the time we don't really do presents on Christmas day at all. In fact it's usually the day after Boxing day by the time we get round to it. Sometimes we even do it on Christmas eve before all the madness begins. It's all about the socialising and food for us. In general though I think it's nice to Give AND Receive, although it really isn't a priority in our house. I usually get very practical presents from my family at Christmas. Last year it was an electric blanket! I do enjoy picking out gifts for my parents and nana in particular. I get so excited for them to open them. 

Open Presents Before or After Lunch?
I kind of already answered this. If it's just my immediate family for Christmas and we've got the opportunity to do it on the day, we'll do it in the evening. There are no small children left so we're under no pressure. We just tend to fill our bellies during the day then crash out in the evening and open presents. 

Many thanks to Natalie for tagging me! 
I tag
and anyone else who fancies taking part! If you do, please feel free to leave me the link to your post below. I'm a nosey bugger hehehe



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  1. I cannot believe u don't like Elf, I'm in shock!....I think you should be sorry miss! haha ;P xxx


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