Wednesday 18 December 2013

Christmas Lipstick Love: MAC Rebel

Last year's Christmas lipstick choice was a roaring success for me. I felt so festive rocking my Ruby Woo throughout last year's festivities. This year, however, I fancied something a bit darker and you all know I'm going a bit bonkers for darker berry shades this season. Then along comes Rebel.... 

I've always struggled with purple tones. I have no idea why because I have green eyes so (in theory) it should be a match made in heaven. Purples always seem to drain me somehow and the yellow tones in my skin always seem to overcompensate. However, after seeing several swatches online I knew I had to have Rebel (Satin). MAC's description of this shade was music to my ears. They define it as a midtonal cream plum which means that it should work with most skin tones, even mine! I was so convinced that I swept into Selfridges this week and bought it outright without even swatching it (which also had something to do with the fact that Selfo's MAC counter happened to be CRAMMED with people and I couldn't get anywhere near the lippy rack). 

I loooooooooove this lippy! It's a gorgeous deep berry purple shade with just enough red in it to cancel out the corpse-effect. It's also dark without being too dark (ie. my dad didn't tell me I looked like a Goth when I walked off the train wearing it this afternoon). My usual Satin finish grumble does apply here: It's not my favourite and I find it to be the dryest of the MAC finishes, but it gives good coverage and lasts a long time. I had to scrub this swatch off my arm with washing up liquid and a scourer! 

I can't wait to share my Christmas FOTD with you all! I plan to team Rebel with MAC Nightmoth pencil, just like I do with Ruby Woo (which will no doubt also be making a reappearance over the holidays). 

If you haven't found your perfect Holiday lip colour yet, don't despair! I've just had a nosey on the MAC Website and you still have until 3pm on Friday for guaranteed Christmas delivery! Get on there and have a nosey... Go on, it's CHRISTMAS!

What's your favourite Festive lip colour??



  1. I'm always slightly nervous with dark shades. I wanted to try out some darker shades this winter but if it's too dark I just kind of look dead, which is not a good look! This doesn't look too bad though so I'd definitely consider giving it a try x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

    1. I always find it's the tone of the lipstick rather than how dark it is that is to blame for washing me out. Although my parents always seem to moan at me when I wear dark colours. They think I've gone goth! I'd say definitely give Rebel a chance as it's tone-wise slap bang in the middle xx


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