Tuesday 17 December 2013

Smells Like Christmas... Yankee Festive Fragrances

I don't know about you but Christmas isn't Christmas for me without a big Yankee Candle haul. I look forward to their Festive selections every year! It's now a tradition for me to go out and buy a massive selection of votives and wax tarts and then decide which one I love the most so i can go and grab a BIG jar. I've been absolutely obsessed in my quest for about the last month so I thought I'd show you my Yankee haul so far this year (my large jar won't be making its arrival until Christmas Day as it is a gift from my parents) and which fragrances are my favourite.

Wax Tarts....
Red Velvet: Not technically from the Christmas selection I suppose but I hadn't come across it before and popped it in with the others. Comforting, sugary and sweet and just what a cupcake fragrance should be. WINNER!
Cranberry Ice: Can't have Christmas without Cranberries can you? Yankee were dead right to pop this into their Festive mix this year. It's fruity but still has a bit of a sharp bite to it. 
Christmas Eve: This is up there on my favourites list. It's spicy, sweet yet mellow. I could burn this for hours! Too good to save until Christmas Eve itself in my opinion (I ended up getting 3 of these). 
Christmas Cookie: An oldie but still a goodie. I had to pick one of these up again this year as it was such a favourite last year. It never loses its charm. I burn this all year round! 
Snow in Love: This is my ultimate winner out of the bunch, and the one I have chosen for my large jar. I adore woody fragrances and this is just perfect. Clean, fresh and woody with a slight sweetness about it. Just like a walk in the snow with your special someone (I'm assuming haha). 

Fireside Treats...
I gave 'Merry Marshmallow' a miss this year, purely because I liked this one better and didn't feel that two marshmallow fragrances were called for. I opted to get a medium jar of Fireside Treats as I just found it a lovely, warm, sweet fragrance, just like grilled marshmallows! It's not the strongest of Yankee's scents and you stop noticing it after a while but it lingers in the room and, if you've been out and come back in, you walk back in and get a lovely sweet hit. 

Snowflake Cookie...
This was the runner up in the battle of large jar supremacy. To be honest it only really missed out because I've not been able to source any jar of this at all. It must be a popular one! I can see why though, as I actually prefer it in some ways to Christmas Cookie. It's just that little bit less stodgy and more fresh smelling.  Seen as I couldn't get my mitts on a jar I took the liberty of stocking up on wax tarts and votives in this scent.  It's given me the perfect excuse to christen my gorgous purple glass holders. They look so pretty in low light. 

So those were my Festive fragrance choices for 2013. No doubt I'll still be burning them in July (I've bought that many, I have multiples of most of the tarts featured in this post) which doesn't bother me in the slightest! I do it every year hahaha. 

I'm sure you all know where you can buy Yankee Candles by now BUT... Just a heads up that Yankee Online have some fantastic discounts at the moment, so it's well worth checking what they've got left (I think a couple of the Christmas Fragrances are sold out online now). And there's still time for delivery before Christmas!

Do you love Candles at Christmas?? Are Yankee a favourite of yours?? Which scents are you loving for Christmas 2013??


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  1. I love Yankee Candles Festive offerings, I am hoping to have a few to open this Christmas.
    The Fireside Treats one sounds amazing


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