Monday 11 March 2013

The Perfect Long Hair Blowdry with ghd

 Morning all!
Today i want to switch back over to the world of hairstyling. Much to my delight, my hair has done a LOT of growing over the past 6mths and it's finally got to that length that i can start to consider using a lovely big hair brush again for my blow dry. As a hairstylist myself, I really really rate a good paddle brush for giving amazing control over long hair whilst drying while giving a super smooth, sleek finish. And they don't make em better than ghd....

ghd Paddle Brush*

When i was asked if i would like to review this product i jumped at the opportunity as it has reunited me with an old friend. See, i swore by this very brush for a long time before i foolishly lopped off most of my long, thick barnet (then bitterly regretted it). The design of my previous brush was slightly different, but it was still the same brush. It used to have a ribbed rubber handle which, consequently, got chomped to death by my two ferrets (crazy lil rubber fetishists - i have no idea why they go so mad for it), which meant that i had to say goodbye to it. Now it's BACK, and it's had a new, sleek makeover!!

This brush is just perfect for smoothing, controlling and detangling the hair whilst you dry. It's designed to control large sections of the hair, whilst providing perfect tension for creating smooth, sleek looks. I also use it for wrap-drying (where you dry the hair by wrapping sections around your head for extra control and root volume without having to separate the hair with clips). The padded base is flexible and hugs the head without being harsh on the scalp and the bristles separate and control the hair like a dream. 

I'm in love with the stylish, modern shape of the new version of this brush and it really is a pleasure to use. I'd totally recommend it for anyone with medium to long hair as it saves drying time and gives a fantastic finish! It's a little on the pricier side for a hair brush at £20 but i firmly believe that ghd is a name you can rely on and it's worth parting with that little bit extra for a great quality product that will last a long time (especially now that it's ferret-proof) and deliver consistently good results. I couldn't be without this brush now and will enjoy using it as my hair continues to grow back to it's former glory!

You can buy this brush direct from for £20. You can also find it on ASOS (Link) and Feel Unique (Link)

What are your must-have long hair tools?? Do you rate ghd for hair styling tools?? What products can't you live without??


  1. I have this brush too - I think its FAB! I think its worth £20 x

  2. I haven't tried the brush, but I couldn't live without my GHD hair straighteners! Did you use anything to speed up growing out your hair? I can't seem to grow mine any longer than about 3 inches past my shoulder (when straigh)

  3. I love the Lee Stafford Hair Growth treatment. It doesn't magically make my hair grow overnight but makes it feel so strong and manageable. Other than that I'm REALLY picky about what chemicals I put on my hair. I always choose semi over permanent hair colour and would rather use ColourB4 than bleach. Also I never use the highest heat setting on my straighteners x

  4. Hi
    It sounds so good, but i think a paddle brush might actually ruin my hair, as it is so naturally curly and frizzy, I need a really wide tooth comb. Wish I could use these though.


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