Friday 22 March 2013

Mystery Solved: BeneFit Fakeup!

Hello there my lovelies!
Last night I was super excited to go along to Spitalfields in pursuit of the Mysterious new product known as BeneFit Fakeup* which launches nationwide from 30th March! Now, I'm excited about this launch BIG time as, just lately I've found myself feeling very tired and yuck and my skin is reacting horribly, and in a way which I have never really experienced before. What perfect timing to go and learn about and unravel the Mystery behind BeneFit's new baby. 

 (iPhone images from the event. Apologies they're a little grainy)

There has been a big build up to the release of this product. The BeneBabes have been on a whirlwind tour up and down the country of late, to educate Bloggers far and wide about the new product they are so proud of. They kept the Londoners waiting until last so we were all very keen to get the scoop on this fantastic new concealer...

The lovely Lisa did a demo with the product, whilst we enjoyed pink fizz and canapes, and put us through our paces with a pop quiz for prizes. As usual I was too slow, but I was very interested to learn a few fantastic facts about Fakeup, its uses and the whirlwind journey it has been on just lately. So I'll share them with you!!

Fakeup comes in 3 Shades:
Pretty standard for a concealer, you might think, but the shades (Light, Medium and Deep) are intended to be used together and at the same time. Using a combination of these shades you can hide dark circles, smooth your skin and diffuse light to create flawless perfection. I'm actually very excited to use the darkest shade as a contour. And the pale will work a treat on my undereye circles (which seem to becoming a permanent fixture of late - Boooooo). Kimmy K eat your heart out! 

Fakeup has amazing Hydrating properties:
The creamy core concealer is surrounded by a layer of moisturising loveliness containing a blend of Vitamin E and Apple Seed Extract so provide immediate hydration that lasts up to 6hrs and does not crease. The formula is lightweight as well as long lasting with a silky texture. I've only got as far as the swatching stage so far, but the product feels lovely on the skin and blends very well. 

Fakeup was used on models at the recent Matthew Williamson show for LFW:
In fact, Cara Delevigne was so taken with it, she insisted on taking one away with her. Lisa admitted to us that, as time was so tight to get the models ready, the BeneFit artists ended up using Fakeup ALL OVER the faces of the models in place of a foundation. 

Fakeup can be applied to treat dry patches:
For girlies with dry, sensitive skin this could be a breakthrough! Use Fakeup to conceal these areas whilst providing instant hydrating relief.

The shades are super creamy and blendable and, for a change, i just KNOW that I will get use out of all 3 of these. I suppose, by definition, my official shade would be Medium, but I look forward to playing with Light and Deep to create different looks and help brighten up my tired face. I haven't been featuring my face very often on the blog recently and I hate it! I've just felt so tired and pale and have a couple of troublesome facial cysts so I just haven't felt like I wanted to share those with the world. It may well be all in my head but I hope Fakeup can help me find the guts to start doing makeup looks again soon! I really miss doing them.

How creamy are these swatches!! The texture is so smooth and the hydrating layer feels almost Vaseline-like when applied. I cannot WAIT to play with these on my face and bring you a full review as soon as time (and my face) allow. I'm also interested to see how it compares to my Boi-ing concealer. 

Thank you so much to the lovely ladies from BeneFit for inviting me to their lovely event. I was gutted that I had to miss out on the previous event for Fine One One, but this more than made up for it! I bumped into a few blogging faces that I hadn't seen in AGES and it was a pleasure to meet Lisa, Joanne and the team from BeneFit. 

Fakeup launches in BeneFit Boutiques and Counters from 30th March and costs £18.50, however you can get your mitts on it ahead of time at

Are you excited about the launch of Fakeup?? What are your facial dramas?? What coverup products can't you live without?? 


  1. Looked like a great event and I keep hearing great things about these concealers! My current faves are probably theBalm Time Balm and the one from iT Cosmetics x

    1. Oooooh I'm desperate to try some products from TheBalm... Their browsers look GORGEOUS!! X

    2. BRONZERS not browsers! Damn autocorrect!!

  2. I really want to have a play around with these! They look fab x

    1. Used medium under my eyes today and it hasn't budged! It's a light formula but feels really good on the skin x


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