Monday 18 March 2013

Monday Manicure #5: Nails Inc Leather

Bit of a late one this week. I'd planned to have this post up early-evening, however, a quick nip to the corner shop ended in me being detained for 2 pints at the pub I work in (you know how these things go) and we don't do Tuesday Manicures on this blog. It's a Monday thing! 
The polish I'm featuring today is actually one I have featured before on this blog, although not in any great detail as I only got my mitts on one of my own yesterday. 

Nails Inc Leather Effect: Shoreditch Lane

Nails Inc describe this shade as 'Mulberry Leather Effect', in comparison to the other shades in the range which are your regular black and tan leather shades. I had it applied to my nails back in December when I attended Nails Inc's Spring/Summer '13 press event and it was instant infatuation. At the time, however it was not available as an individual polish. In fact they didn't release this shade at all until this month. The other shades in the range (Soho Mews and Noho) have, up until now, only been available as part of the 'Skulls and Leather' gift set with the awesome little skulls decals, but are also now available as individual polishes. 

(iPhone image from the event, showing all 3 shades)

I'm crushing on this polish big style! It's just so chic! If you weren't a fan of the Nails Inc Concrete Effect polishes, but still fancy trying something a bit different, then I urge you to give these a go. The texture is much more subtle and they have much more of a shine to them. The photo above is 2 coats of Shoreditch Lane with NO topcoat. Topcoat kills the texture and I find the polish is shiny enough without anyway. It's a lot easier to apply than the Concrete polish as well. It goes on glossy and the leather effect appears as it dries. 

This is my original leather mani, which was applied by one of the lovely ladies at the event in December, featuring those amazing skull decals I mentioned earlier. I managed to salvage them as well, so I may well be rocking this look again in the near future! 
I definitely prefer the Leather Effect to the Concrete. Not that I dislike the Concrete, it's just that I find this polish to be longer wearing and easier to apply. I'm now thinking that I may also need Soho Mews (Tan Leather) in my life!!

I picked this polish up for £12 from House of Fraser on Oxford Street but you can get it from any Nails Inc Concession/Counter as well as Nails Inc stores and on It's worth every penny so feel free to treat yourself! 

What nail trends will you be following this season?? Are you a texture kinda gal or do you prefer your polish to be more BLING?? Do you go for brights or neutrals when the weather gets warmer??


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  1. I really like the look of this textured polish but with all the ones I have tried I have a hard time not putting a top coat over it out of habit which of course ruins the look. The skull is awesome:)

    Sara xx


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