Wednesday 14 May 2014

Unboxing: The Vegan Kind #TVK7

I'm back again!!! Hopefully I'll be getting back to a regular blogging schedule now that my 2nd year of Uni is officially OVER! I've spent almost all of my time over the last few weeks finishing up my final assignments and revising my little heart out. I have quite a few things I want to share with you now that I have the freedom to do so but first I really wanted to show you what I got in this month's The Vegan Kind #TVK7 box seen as I never got to post about last month's. 

For anyone unfamiliar with TVK, they are a monthly subscription box service specialising in Vegan and Eco friendly snacks, toiletries and household products along with monthly recipe cards and discount codes on featured products. 10p from every box sold goes to benefit featured charities and this month the donation will be made to Give a Dog a Bone - And an Animal a Home. You do NOT have to be a vegan to enjoy this service but it's a great [place to start if you're looking to make more compassionate and eco friendly choices.

Here's what's in the box!!!

First of all, I know what your immediate thoughts were.... ERMAHGERD VEGAN CHOCCY FUDGE! It was my initial reaction too and it took a little while for me to acknowledge the rest of the contents of the box, I was that preoccupied with it. True to form it only took me a day and a half to snaffle all of the delicious Scoff Sweets fudge and it gets a massive thumbs up from me! 

I'm so excited to try the WholePlus Vanilla Spice Hot Pot. I am a long time porridge disciple and I love that you can just add water to this and munch away. It's made with coconut milk powder so completely cow and calf friendly. I'll definitely let you know what it's like. I must admit I'm a loose leaf tea virgin and I have visions of this fresh looking Keemun Morning Tea by The Dormouse Tea Company ending up all over my kitchen surfaces. They've cleverly provided some empty bags with it though so I will have to apply some serious concentration and get it packed up and ready to brew. 

I've had an overwhelming urge lately to make a big batch of vegan Tzatziki dip and these Golden Apple raw biscuits with Hazelnut and Peppermint will be the perfect thing to dip into it. I'm yet to fully embrace the whole 'raw' thing so I'm looking forward to giving these a thorough taste testing. I'm not a huge pepperminty person if I'm honest but TVK have a habit of making me like things I wouldn't normally. One thing I DO like however, is sweet potato and give me a packet of crisps and I will always be happy. The Piri Piri Sweet Potato Crisps from Hectares lasted about as long as the fudge did. Wonderfully crunchy and with a lovely spicy kick.

Lastly, TVK always seem to know when I'm running low on household things. They predicted my washing up liquid shortage with my first box and now they've come to my aid with some concentrated Non Bio Laundry liquid by Bio D with no nasty chemicals, fragrance free and made from sustainable, naturally derived raw ingredients. Winner! 

I'd definitely recommend the TVK service. I always feel like I've had my money's worth and they're always super chatty and friendly on social media. Check out their Facebook Page for Vegan and cruelty free chatter, recipes and giveaways. To subscribe to their service you can visit 
(£10 per month with £2.99 UK postage)


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