Sunday 25 May 2014

Review: theBalm Betty-Lou Maniser

First post of my Summer Hols! It feels amazing to not have assignment deadlines and revision clogging up every waking minute of my time (at least for a couple of months) so I'm going to attempt to do as much blogging as possible over the Summer months. Today's post was a bit of a mishap, if I'm honest. Not that the product itself isn't STUNNING, but the purchase itself should not have happened. 

Here's the story... I'm struggling like hell to source cruelty free cosmetics that also don't contain any animal ingredients (carmine, fish scales, beeswax, tallow and the like) and discovered the cutECOsmetics website via a recommendation. They only stock cruelty free brands and list which items are suitable for vegans. One of those items was theBalm Betty-Lou Manizer....

As it was listed on the website under the Vegan category, and I was desperate for a new bronzer for Summer, I snapped this up. Unfortunately, when it arrived, I looked at the ingredients and was extremely disappointed to find carmine listed there. Obviously, I've informed cutECOsmetics and they have promised to re-list the item to avoid any future confusion. 

The saving grace of this situation, of course, is that the product is GORGEOUS. This is my first experience of theBalm. I've always admired their products from afar. Their packaging is ridiculously cute and I've heard amazing reviews of their Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter so was excited to receive this (until the bug-powder disappointment). I know not all of you are as bothered about such things as I am so I decided that it is still a product worth sharing. Supporting brands such as theBalm, who refuse to test on animals is so important. 

If you're looking for a seriously glowy bronzer this Summer then this product is for you! You only need the slightest sweep of product to produce an amazing, illuminated golden sheen. I've tried it in most of the ways you would use a bronzer; swept over the cheekbones or to highlight over the temples, bridge of the nose etc.  If you're planning to jet off anywhere exotic in search of a tan over the Summer then this would set it off like a dream! The texture is soft and buttery and a little goes a VERY long way. You might also try using a big kabuki style brush and sweep it over your shoulders and decolletage. 

Whilst I'm sad to admit that this will probably never be my go-to product, I will still be keeping a watchful (but slightly cautious) eye on for other similar products. They also stock a range of OCC, Sugarpill and Limecrime products including Lip Tar (more to come on these very soon on this blog) and the famous Velvetines. 

What's your perfect Summer bronzer?? Have you ever tried theBalm products?? Are cruelty free cosmetics important to you?? 

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