Friday 25 April 2014

Lush Easter Haul 2014

Well HELLOOOO world!
May I just say a big, massive, whopping SORRY for over a month's absence from my blog! I've been working so hard on University projects and revision that any time I had set aside for blogging and photography has been thwarted. I thought I'd attempt a comeback today and sneak this little Lush haul post in seen as I didn't get to post any of my other Easter shenanigans, although if anybody would still be interested in an Easter post I may still post it. 

Since I've been Vegan I've been driving myself bonkers with the cosmetics and other beauty products I've been using, trying to decipher ingredients and sending countless emails to check animal testing policies. There are so many products and brands that I used to adore that I have had to foresake. I just can't believe the amount of animal ingredients that go into products these days. Some of them are downright GROSS! One brand that I know I can always rely on, however, is Lush. The majority of their products are Vegan and the ones that aren't are very clearly labelled. Seen as though I'm going without my Cadburys for the first time this Easter, I decided to make a sneaky order. Ironically, it didn't arrive until Tuesday but the joy I experienced whilst unpacking it more than made up for that...

Bunch of Carrots
It's going to be a shame to see these melt away. I guess you'd expect these to smell like carrots but they're actually infused with a gorgeous mix of buchu, lemon and grapefuit oils for a more tropical scent. I believe Lush did a carrot bubble bar last year so these may have evolved from that. The idea here is that you run these under the tap and swirl them in the water so they are extremely reusable. You're likely to get several bubbly baths out of these badboys!

Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb
I had to get an egg really, didn't I? And this one has the coveted Snow Fairy scent to it so I was immediately sold. Who doesn't want to take a sweetie-scented bath?? I'm kicking myself for not getting more than one of these because, at just £2.95, they're super affordable. 

Brightside Bubble Bar
Usually I'd go for The Comforter when purchasing a Lush Bubble Bar but the colour of this new version just gave me the biggest HAPPY. This may have something to do with the fact that it was inspired by the Monty Python song. I'm glad I chose it too. It has the most gorgeous, juicy, sherbet-like citrus fragrance I've ever come across with bergamot, mandarin and tangerine. I'm slightly concerned what colour my bath water might turn with this one though. Yellowy-orange isn't exactly an inviting hue when it comes to bathing haha. 

The Olive Branch Shower Gel
As much as I love my Original Source and Superdrug shower gels for everyday, I really fancied something a bit special and I've always fancied The Olive Branch so I decided to pick it up in a small size to see what it's like. Lush shower gels aren't exactly cheap and I need to know that I like it if I'm going to pay top dollar for the large size. It smells wonderfully fresh with olive oil, bergamot and mandarin. Can't wait!

Jungle Conditioner Bar
My first foray into solid conditioner. I'm not entirely convinced that it will be able to penetrate my ultra-thick mane. I have so much HAIR! I've been struggling a bit lately to find a shampoo and conditioner that really suit me and my hair can get extremely tangled so I just thought I'd try something completely different and see if it works better. Plus, to be honest, it's just a relief to find haircare without the words 'cetyl alcohol' in the ingredients list. That stuff has become my nemesis. 

Some products from the special edition Lush Easter range for 2014 are still available via their website (I haven't been into a store recently so not sure what the stock situation is like there). Obviously not all of my purchases were from this range and so those products should be readily available. Check out what's left of Easter at

Do you go mad for Lush?? What are your favourite Easter products?? Any other recommendations??


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