Sunday 29 September 2013

EXCLUSIVE! Superdry Beauty 'Bento Beauty Box'

Good afternoon my dears!
I've got a bit of a special post today. As I mentioned in my recent post on the new Timothy Everest Collection for Superdry, I had the opportunity to browse through loads of new Superdry product releases whilst visiting the Handpicked Media LFW suite recently. One of the most exciting things I got to look at on the day was their new Bento Beauty Box*, launching from 21st October. It's a different and quirky approach to a beauty gift set which is sure to appeal to the brand's massive Japanese following as well as being a huge hit with shoppers on all continents in the run up to Christmas. Each compartment in the box has a different beauty product!

 I even got to take one home with me! So I'm here today to give you all an exclusive sneaky peek at what's in it!

Watermelon LipFix - 10g
Superdry Eye Marker - 3ml
The Watermelon lip fix seems to me to be a bit of a cross between a clear lip gloss and a lip balm. It has no tint to it but a lovely, subtle watermelon flavour. I cannot wait to try the eye marker. I was swatching it on my hand this morning and the intensity of the black looks really promising. I really hope it lasts well.

Professional Volumising Mascara - 9ml
Nail Plane
This mascara has one of those curvy brushes that I like. I seem to have several mascaras on the go at the moment so I'm going to wait to pop this one open but I love the packaging! And what's not to love about a Superdry branded nail file?

Nail Paint - 4.5ml
Highlighter - 4.5ml
I actually got the same shade of nail polish applied at the event. It's a really fun shade of pink and stayed on for ages! The highlighter reminds me a little of BeneFit High Beam but I have heard really good things about it so can't wait to give it a whirl!

And lastly, you get one of these cute little Superdry button mirrors (sort of like a badge without the pin on the back). Great size for handbags!

I have no doubt that I will get use out of all of these products and look forward to thoroughly playing with them. This is my first proper trip into the world of Superdry Beauty products so I'm a bit excited. I'd highly recommend this as a Christmas gift for any beauty lover or fan of Superdry.

The Bento Beauty Box will retail for £25 and be available from Superdry stores and online from W/C 21st October. 

Are you as fan of Superdry makeup?? Any product recommendations?? Do you like the sound of a Bento Box with Beauty products in it??


  1. Ooh this looks interesting. If it was the same price as one of the subscription beauty boxes, I'd probably buy it. £25 is quite pricey though and I'd feel like I was buying into the "Superdry" brand as opposed to actually purchasing £25 worth of products. The colours are so pretty though!

  2. Oh this looks really cute. I've never tried anything by Superdry before and I'd definitely be pleased to receive this as a present x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty


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