Friday 20 September 2013

Discovering Simply eLiquid

Hello my lovelies!
It's been almost a MONTH since I last posted. There are many reasons, and I'm planning a short post next week to try and explain a couple of them to you and introduce some new changes I'm implementing as of now. You'll probably notice that London Beauty Banter is no more and I've popped back up as That Lisa Clare. Again, all will be explained and I will have a bit of a catch up with you all and let you in on what I've been up to during my absence in due course.

As some of you will remember, back in April I gave up smoking. I haven't really mentioned it much since but here we are, almost 6 months later, and I'm STILL off the cigs! Hurrah!! I'm still using my electronic cigarette and really enjoying it. It really is so much better than the real kind. I've been testing out a new brand for the last week courtesy of and I'm here tonight to tell you a bit about it and how I've been finding it. 

Simply eLiquid were kind enough to send me the MAXI cigarette kit by JustFog* as well as three flavours of their popular eLiquid* to go in it.

I must say I've enjoyed using all the products! The quality is fantastic and the liquids are a great size. 

The MAXI kit consists of:
2x Electronic Cigarettes (batteries and tanks)
USB Charger Cable (with mains adapter plug)
Large eGo Carry Case
1x 30ml Bottle of eLiquid (of your choosing)

I was a bit baffled by the clearomiser tank to begin with. It's a top coil design but with a VERY short wick. I tend to favour a bottom coil (my current favourite being the Kangertech EVOD) and was fairly sure that the wick would not pick up the liquid well and result in those 'dry hits' that hit you straight in your windpipe. Actually, this isn't much of an issue as long as I tip the cigarette up every so often to ensure the wick remains saturated. The only thing I do find is that it doesn't take long for the liquid to start going brown (this happened after 2days for me but this didn't appear to affect the flavour or the functionality). The chamber is quite small and doesn't hold as much liquid as my EVOD, but if you like more variety and to change up your flavour more often then this is for you. I find I get around three tanks worth per battery charge.

The liquids are very pleasant indeed and great value. You get 30ml in a bottle and they come in every flavour you could imagine from Bubblegum to Apple Pie. The flavour itself is quite strong compared to other brands I've tried, which is not a bad thing at all. I guess it's like Ribena; some like it stronger than others haha. It's a PG/VG mix which is fine by me. It is a very clean tasting vape and you get a very satisfying amount of puff. The flavours I've been trying are Cola, Bubblegum and Passionfruit and it's a thumbs up on all three! I only take a low nicotine strength (these are 5mg) but the liquids on the site range from no nicotine at all right up to a whopping 36mg!!

The MAXI eCigarette Kit is sold for £39.99 on Simply eLiquid (link) and the eLiquids at £7.75 per 30ml bottle (Link). I don't think that's bad at all for the quality and quantity of the products. Remember, it's a double kit so you'll always have a spare! I've really enjoyed my first experience of Simply eLiquid and will definitely be using the site in the future for liquids. 

Do you Vape?? Are you considering giving up smoking?? Do any of these flavours appeal to you??


  1. Thanks so much for the lovely post hunni!! ♥ i think the browning might just have to do with the fact that its VG eliquids? and they oxidate? that's what i assume. glad you liked everything though! have to try a bottom-wick thingy (vape lingo is hard!) and see if those 'dry hits' disappear. :(

    Miss drifted Snow White

    1. You're so welcome Maria. The browning of the liquid comes when the wick starts to burn out. It happens with all types eventually but I suspect that it being such a short top-coil design is to blame in this case. You you should definitely try the EVOD! It's my favourite. The liquids you sent me were a PG/VG mix xxxx


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