Wednesday 2 October 2013

Addiction of The Month: M&S Iced Teas

Something a bit different this time!
I've been really trying to branch out in terms of topics lately. This was a big factor which influenced the recent rebranding and renaming of this blog. I really want to feature more food, fashion and lifestyle-related posts in and amongst the usual beauty news and reviews. So I thought I'd start featuring my food addictions every once in a while in a little post so that perhaps you, my readers, can try something new and tasty and perhaps even love it as much as I do. I'm kicking off with these M&S Infused Iced Teas!

I fell head over heels for these since I first tried them a couple of weeks back. They're such a fresh twist on your regular Liptons varieties and taste so crisp. I've been running to M&S in Greenwich on my lunch break for them ever since I started my University course. I suppose it's a funny time of the year to be drinking iced tea now that the weather is turning chillier but I seriously can't get enough!

The teas come in three flavours (or these are the three stocked in this particular store anyway). Raspberry and Rooibos Tea, Moroccan Mint and White Tea and Peach, Camomile and Green Tea. I think the Peach would have to be my ultimate favourite as I'm a die-hard peach iced tea lover and am very particular about it (not just any old brand will do) but the Moroccan Mint flavour is so different from any other iced tea I've ever come across and extremely refreshing. The flavours of all three are out of this world though. They're not exactly saintly, with approx 20g of sugar and 100kcal per 330ml bottle, however it's a price I'm willing to pay for the sheer tastiness. 

You can pick these up in M&S stores for £1.10 per 330ml. They really are something a bit special compared to regular iced tea varieties and feel like a real treat!

Do you love Iced Tea?? Do you rate M&S?? Do you fall prey to little addictions once in a while??


  1. I never used to understand the obsession with iced tea but I bought my first one a few weeks ago and I loved it! I can't get enough of it! I'll definitely be trying out the ones from M&S :)

    1. I became addicted when I was living in Tenerife and Nestea was EVERYWHERE! Sadly they don't sell the Nestea brand in the UK and I miss it every day but these are just AMAZING!

  2. I am an Ice Tea addict & its so hard to find nice ones in the UK I will be popping in to my M&S and stocking up. They look refreshing & I like the sound of the Raspberry one

    1. I agree on that front. Don't get me wrong, Liptons is perfectly acceptable and I drink it by the bucketload but it's nice to try something a bit more special. I also like the Pret peach iced tea as it's all natural ingredients and no added preservatives etc

  3. Can't wait to get my mitts on that raspberry one x


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