Friday 30 August 2013

Elemis Sp@Home Frangipani Monoi Salt Glow

I'm here!! I'm still alive!! 
I've been off on my travels once again for the last week and a half (more family commitments back in the Shire) and completely failed at scheduling posts for the week as I had intended. Shameful! I'm not posting nearly as often as I would like recently. I just seem to have been all over the place with various things and NOW, to rub salt into the wound, my DSLR has had to be taken into Nikon hospital. Poor baby. 

Anyhoo, I'm back now with today's slice of blog tart which is dedicated to a product by one of my favourite skincare brands, Elemis...

I was super lucky to actually WIN this product in an Elemis Twitter Giveaway recently (stalking really does pay off sometimes). I've always adored Elemis for facial skincare but had never really dabbled in their body products before. I've been using the same Soap & Glory Scrub for a couple of years now but I completely fell for this when it arrived in the post. I'd heard a little about it on the social media grapevine but that was as far as it went. As soon as I received it could not wait to get in there and get scrubbing! 

This scrub screams luxury to me. The packaging is a big thumbs up, as are the ingredients. Gotta love Elemis for always using gorgeous, natural ingredients with no junk thrown in. I totally trust their products on that front. The scent is out of this world as well. Floral, but also slightly sweet. As I always say with Elemis products though, if you are NOT a fan of heavily or floral scented products I really would give this a miss, but for me this scrub smells a little bit like heaven. 

It's a very pretty scrub to look at in the tub. It doesn't really show by this picture but the Frangipani flowers are a pretty, raspberry pink colour. Not that that matters in terms of performance but it is certainly pleasing on the eye. The scrub itself is quite dense, but the exfoliants are not big and harsh and melt into the skin easily. The scrub I was using before was much rougher and didn't seem to sink in (or rinse off) as easily. Of course, if you require a more thorough, rougher product then perhaps this might not cut it for you but for me this is pretty much on the money. It doesn't leave a big greasy ring around the tub either which appeals to my lazy side.

The Monoi oil leaves a lovely, silky residue on the skin. I'm not one for overly moisturising after my bath as my skin never really feels like it needs that much, so this gives me the bit of moisture that I need as well as getting rid of all the old skin cells that don't belong there anymore. The result is smooth, healthy and glowy skin.

For this product you pay £36.50 for 480g which isn't cheap when you compare it to the likes of Soap & Glory but if you've got a bit of cash to treat yourself you really won't be disappointed as it really is in whole different league. It's a lovely big tub too. I'd recommend this to anyone who wants an effective, yet gentle, exfoliation as well as a bit of a pamper.

For more info and stockists check out this product on 

What is your ultimate exfoliator?? Do you rate Elemis products??


  1. Great review! I love this scrub x

  2. I haven't tried an Elemis product before, this looks lovely though. i love trying out new scrubs x

  3. Frangipani is one of my favourite scents. It always instantly transports me back to Bali, where they are everywhere!

  4. Oh gosh, Elemis is so luxurious! I've never tried anything from them, but this scrub sounds amazing! I've also been using the same S&G scrub for ages now, but it gets the job done! Maybe this Elemis one will go on my Christmas List. haha xx

  5. I love the look of this scrub! WANT! :)


  6. have to try this, thanks for review


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