Sunday 12 May 2013

New Makeup Set-Up and Vintage French Storage

Good evening beauty seekers!!
A bit of a slow week last week on London Beauty Banter to say the least!! Two posts?? NOT good enough! I think May is going to be a bit of a funny one as I have Uni deadlines GALORE to get everything handed in and finally say BYE BYE to Derby University ready for Greenwich in September which I am REALLY looking forward to. Anyhow, today I have pulled my finger (and my camera) out big time and had an afternoon of photography so that this week will not be quite so barren. 
Today I want to talk about something a bit different. I've not done many storage posts since I moved to London as my stuff has just been EVERYWHERE while I've figured out my new room and furniture etc etc. However, thanks to a gorgeous new edition from the lovely people over at Out There Interiors, I finally got the kick up the backside I needed to sort out my Vanity once and for all!!

So there it is....
My Vanity is actually a study desk which doesn't have a chair haha (probably why I don't get much studying done to be fair). Still, it's an improvement on a ferret cage, which you can actually see through the mirror haha, which is what I was using before!

My Vanity Consists of:
Brush Holders - These are various mugs and plant pots that I've picked up from Pound Shops over the last few months. They're cheap and work really well. I use the larger pot for my face brushes (and also nail files, hair brushes and suchlike) and the smaller mug for eye, liner, and brow brushes. 
Cath Kidston Makeup Bag (eBay) - I got this really cheaply. I can't find the exact one today to link you to but if you look Here there are lots of similar ones still on sale for very good prices. This has mostly pencils and liners in it along with my most used mascaras.
Mirror (Argos £12.99) -  I've only just got round to buying a proper vanity mirror. Before i was just using a hand mirror or my full length wall mirror because I didn't trust the ferrets not to climb up and knock it over (7yrs bad luck I could do without). Luckily they can't climb up to the new desk so I'm safe.
Scented Candles and Cupcake Scentsy Warmer* - Because I like to have things that smell nice and they just look pretty along with everything else. These ones are Neom 'Serenity' (Sandalwood and Vanilla), an M&Ms one from the Pound Shop and I currently have 'Apple Press' in my warmer. You can read more about my Scentsy warmer and fragrances in my post Here.
I'd also like to mention my homemade crochet doily that I put there just to break up the desk a bit because the wood looked boring haha. 

Onto the Main Feature!!

Three Vintage French Style Vanity Boxes* from 'Out There' Interiors!!

Yes, I did a major SQUEE when these arrived. I'd been using mostly Glossyboxes as makeup storage in the past but they just don't have the WOW factor that these have! Plus they don't really hold much and were starting to get very tatty. THESE, however, as well as being visually stunning, are so roomy and very sturdy indeed! There are three sizes in the set and i use each to hold different items. They mainly hold the products I reach for the most. I do have some other shelves and drawers that hold makeup and skincare but those are still a work in progress and I don't use those items quite as much or they are a little too big to fit in these boxes. 

These boxes are just Vintage, Shabby Chic PERFECTION! I love how they have been made to look weathered and aged around the edges. The detailing is superb. The print is exactly what I go for and I'm in love with the ornate clasps. Inside they have a deep red velvety lining. They also fit LOADS in. Even the smallest box!

I'm going to take you through each box from top to bottom so you can see exactly what I have stashed in each.

The smallest box at the top is reserved for Nails Inc polishes. Nails Inc are my favourite nail brand of all time and I wanted to have my most-worn nail colours all in one place where I can just open it up and pick one out. My Seche Vite is in there too. I have another drawer full of other polishes as well (my stash seems to grow weekly just lately) but these are the ones that deserved a special place. 

The middle box is for blushers, highlighters and bronzers. Again, I have more, but these are the ones I reach for the most or have a special place in my heart (minus my BeneFit boxed blushes, as I feel they are too pretty to hide away). In here I have MAC, Illamasqua, NARS, Bourjois and a few others as well as my HD Brows palette.

Lastly, the big bucket-sized one in the bottom has my skincare, primers and foundations in it. Basically, anything that goes on my face. There is everything from moisturiser to serum to foundation to BB creams in here. Most notable at the moment for me are my Elemis Illuminating Flash Balm (Review Here) and my NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Santa Fe (Review Here). Most of my cleansers and toners are permanently kept in the bathroom but these are the items I tend to switch it up with depending on how my skin is feeling. 

I'm so happy with my new storage. The boxes are so beautiful and just looking at them makes me happy. I also love that I'm now more organised with my makeup storage and that I know exactly what is in each box and that everything has it's correct place. I'm a Virgo, this makes me MAJOR happy! I really did go through a phase of tearing my hair out over my Vanity because it never looked or functioned the way I wanted it to.

These storage boxes retail for £49.99 which, for me, is at the higher end of what I could afford to spend on makeup storage but I guess it's only the same as a decently sized set of Muji and I'd definitely say they're worth every penny in their visual beauty alone!

You can find these storage boxes along with so many other stunning Vintage French Items at 
What's on YOUR Vanity?? What are your go-to solutions for storing your makeup?? Do you go crazy for Shabby Chic??



  1. Oh wow. The boxes are absolutely beautiful! Checking out Out There Interiors now! :) x

  2. Your storage is gorgeous :) x

  3. Your vanity is just girly perfection and those boxes- NEED! xx

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  4. Those boxes are so cute! My vanity table also started life as a computer desk! x


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