Tuesday 7 August 2012

Getting Lippy with Japonesque...

Good evening lovelies!! 
Today's post is dedicated to all things LIPPY, but without being about ACTUAL lippy haha. I was lucky enough to be sent another beautiful parcel from the lovely peeps at Japonesque full of amazing lip goodies! This post is more of a show and tell than an instructional but i'd just like to have my 2 cents worth and tell you what i think of the products and my first impressions....

My parcel contained the Following...
Travel Retractable Lip Brush
Lipstick Palette Kit
And a lovely travel sized makeup bag!! 

If you're a newbie to Japonesque products i'll give you a little intro before launching straight into the products. They are a San Francisco based company who specialise in precision crafted beauty products made from high quality materials and are a heavyweight name among makeup artists, professionals and beauty lovers just about everywhere. In fact i don't think i've read a bad review of a Japonesque product yet (and i've read a few). I posted a while ago now about their Travel Sized Blush brush and Angled Foundation brush and both have remained firm favourites of mine.

Travel Retractable Lip Brush:

I'll be honest and say i have never fully appreciated lip brushes. Call me lazy, but i just tend to whack my lippy on straight from the bullet and hope for the best. Howeverrrrr.... I have to say that this has prompted me to change my ways slightly!! 
This brush is great for precision application of lip products and i really appreciate it for the clean lines and how it evens out any crinkles in my lips (I'm getting on a bit in years now haha). One thing i particularly didn't like about lip brushes in the past was that i couldn't really carry them around with me as, once they've been used the dirty brush transferred product all over the inside of my handbag, but the retractable nature of this one means that the brush itself is kept well contained within the handle. 

Japonesque Makeup Bag

I'm not short of makeup bags by any stretch. I seem to have one for every occasion these days, but the second i saw this i just had this overwhelming urge to put all my lipsticks in it. It's actually the perfect size and fits most of my lipsticks in it (apart from the handful that reside in my various handbags and my everyday makeup bag). 
Not an awful lot else to say really other than that i love how sleek and professional it looks, and anything with Japonesque branding on it just makes my makeup look that much more posh haha.

Lipstick Palette Kit

This concept is COMPLETELY new to me but something i had been curious about attempting. Japonesque must have read my mind! As much as i do love to admire my lipsticks in the bullet, i sometimes wish that i could carry more than one shade around with me without ending up with 5 different lipsticks floating around in my bag. 
I also LOVE to mix my lipsticks up a bit. I absolutely adore MAC Myth for using as a base for a brighter colour to create a different shade completely! Favourite combos of mine are Myth/Vegas Volt and Myth/Lovelorn amongst others and i'm still experimenting. I see this kit as an ideal opportunity to pre-mix my shades so i don't have to be putting on two lipsticks all night. 

What you get:
8 Well Lipstick Palette with Mirror
Lip Brush
Mini Spatula
Melting Cup

The idea is that you cut of a piece/s of the lipstick/s you wish to depot into the palette into the melting cup, pop it in the microwave for 1min then mix thoroughly before pouring into one of the wells in the palette. Of course, for me, there is always a catch... My new flat in London does not yet have a microwave so i will be attempting this over a pan of hot water instead (kind of a bain-marie style thing) to melt the lipstick. 

I think a seperate blog post will be in order so you guys can see how i got on with mixing my lippies and creating my palette, as well as giving me the chance to show you what amazing colour blends i have created. It's honestly like having a whole new lipstick just by mixing two or more that you have already!! 

Many thanks to Japonesque for my new toys!! I can't wait to get in there properly and experiment with them all!!
You can buy Japonesque products in selected Boots stores and other retailers, or you can browse the full range at www.japonesque.com

Are you a pro at depotting lippy?? What colour mixtures get you going?? What are your favourite Japonesque products??



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  2. I so want to try the lipstick palette create-y thing, will be like art class but fun! ;) xo

  3. ohmyACTUALgod that lip melty mixy thing is SUCH a good idea! Imagine all the possible combinations... it's like multiplying your lippy selection by millions! xx

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