Wednesday 22 August 2012

New BARGAIN Super Serum!

Hello again beauty seekers!! 
Tonight i wanna talk about hair.... again. Specifically, i would like to tell you about a great little discovery i made lately over a cuppa with the lovely Kate from Soapbox PR. We'd arranged to meet up for a cup of tea and a catch up but i just HAD to rummage through all the lovely Twisted Sista goodies in her office to see if there were any new ones i hadn't sampled.... and i found THIS!!

Twisted Sista 'Different Strokes' Hair Serum

I'd been looking for a new serum as i've drained all my posh hair oils dry and can't afford to buy any more posh hair oils for a while. My ultimate favourite serum of all time is the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny serum but, unfortunately, i can't afford that EITHER (boooooo), but boy am i glad i found this one!! A very lucky coincidence that Kate let me take this home really!

Twisted Sista by Urban Therapy are a brand i have mentioned before on this blog. They are a London based brand but have recently expanded to the US market. They have consistently impressed me because of the AMAZING quality you get for the price of their products (the RRP for this particular serum is £4.99 but I've seen it for less depending on where you buy it). 
Different Strokes contains Argan Oil and Green Tea as well as Vitamin E antioxidants. It is a serum and not an oil product so it does contain silicones (that's what gives that extra shine you always get with serums), but with all the extra yummy ingredients you get in this one and the fact that it is completely free from sulphates, parabens and other such synthetic nasties, i reckon it's a winner!! 

The product itself is on the thicker side for a serum, but a little goes a long way. I tend to apply two pumps rubbed in my hands to my damp hair before i blow dry (or dry naturally) and maybe run a little through my ends if i've straightened my hair. I just find it makes my hair REALLY soft, shiny and easy to comb through. 
The product protects from UV damage and colour fade, even on hair that has been dyed, and the Vitamin E also helps protect your hair from the elements. 

I'm extremely impressed by this product! For a budget product i think it performs fantastically and i am not missing my Moroccan Oil at all at the moment. Of course i will repurchase it as a special treat once i have more cash to play with, but for me this is a perfectly adequate substitute. I'm not saying it's comparable with Moroccan Oil, just that i love the finish it gives just as much. 

Twisted Sista products are sold in Tesco stores and selected Superdrug stores. They have a great range of products for all hair types, straight or curly. This is definitely a product that i could not live without at the moment as, as we all know i've given my hair a bit of a battering lately. 

What are your everyday hair favourites?? Do you have any drugstore hair products you can't live without??


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  1. I really hope I can get a bottle of this to try since you said they expanded in the US :) I have tried so many hair serums but none have worked for my ultra frizzy, curly hair that I have to heat style just to make it look decent :p
    My favorite formula is the biosilk one and pure moroccan oil =)


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