Wednesday 24 June 2015

Happiness Is...

I got to thinking the other day about how it's always those little things and moments in life that often make us feel the happiest; like a good book, a certain smell, a comforting home-cooked meal or a favourite place to go to for a bit of calm and reflection. So I decided to put together a short post, in pictures, of a few little things in my life that, no-matter how negative, or overwhelmed, or down I'm feeling about something, never fail to comfort me and put a smile on my face. 
Making unexpected new friends
Simple, home-cooked food
Fresh-cut Flowers (Tulips for me)
A sunny walk in Hyde Park with a dear friend

Vegan Cupcakes at Greenwich Market
Afternoon Tea with an Inspiring Read*
This little nose in my face every morning
A subtle waft of something gorgeous
I loved putting these images together. Just compiling this post was therapeutic in itself. It'll also give me something to refer back to if I ever need a smile. One of the funny things I feel about life is that, even when it feels like you're being challenged or put through the ringer, there are always these little, beautiful things to help you along and make the struggles worthwhile. Now I'm definitely feeling inspired to go about the rest of my day.

Tell me your simple pleasures in the comments and let's spread the happiness...

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