Monday 1 June 2015

MUA Cosmetics Spring Break Palette

MUA Spring Break Review and Swatches

The irony is not lost on me that I'm writing a blog post about Spring/Summer makeup shades whilst huddled under a blanket listening to the wind howl outside my window but I've been desperate for ages to share this pretty Spring eyeshadow palette by MUA Cosmetics* with you. I've had it for a little while but wanted to wait until I was done with all the stress of my final year of Uni so that I could give it my full attention. So, without further ado, here's my thoughts on the MUA Spring Break Palette....

Spring Collection by MUA Cosmetics

MUA have delivered us safely away from Winter with this shimmering mix of neutrals, pinks and soft greens. Normally I would be a little wary of an all-shimmer palette (shimmer just isn't my bag for day-to-day wear) but these shades are all extremely wearable. My go-to palette at the moment is MUA's Matte Palette. I absolutely swear by it. However, when the sun finally decides to put it's hat on and keep it on I'm definitely going to incorporate more of these colours. 

Spring Makeup Shades by MUA Cosmetics

As regular readers might have gathered, I'm a sucker for neutral shades so this palette was always going to be a winner for me. In some ways it's not dissimilar from MUA classics such as the Heaven & Earth palette, but the additional pink hues, pastels and purples definitely justify having both. Surprisingly though, it is the golds, pinks and shimmering khakis in this palette that have got me the most excited. Looks like I'm going to be easing out of my comfort zone. I'm definitely going to make the effort to try the pastel green shades in the palette. 

My top 3 shades from the palette are Amber (a shimmering gold/bronze), Posy (a slightly deeper dusky pink with a hint of shimmer) and Gold Khaki (exactly how it sounds). The texture and finish of these shades is exactly what I've come to expect from MUA over the years; soft and easily blended. For a budget palette it really is a pleasure to use. 

Image Credit - MUA Cosmetics

Thought I'd include this new-season 'Barely There' lipstick by MUA for a good measure, although it really was a bit of a disaster on me. I think you'd have to be pretty porcelain-skinned for this to be flattering. It's a shame though as it's so beautiful in the tube. It also contains beeswax, making it a no-no for me, as a vegan. At £1 though, it may be well worth a try for others, especially paler ladies. 

I will probably attempt an eye look post featuring this palette over the Summer, once I'm a bit more tan and can pull off a little extra shimmer. Now that I'm getting myself organised and planning more posts in advance I hope to do a full range of Summer beauty posts over the coming weeks. 

The Spring Break palette retails for £4. 
MUA products are available in Superdrug stores or online at

What are your go-to shades for Spring? 


  1. I have only one MUA palette which I haven't used in ages but I remember loving it. This Spring palette looks very pretty, especially for this time of the year. x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. I find MUA palettes really handy to have in the stash as they're so affordable and easy to replace. I try and save my posh palettes for special occasions because I just know I can't afford to buy another when they run out haha


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