Thursday 7 August 2014

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer

Matte lips are EVERYWHERE on the high street at the moment! It seems that every drugstore brand has taken their cue from Limecrime and brought out their own take on the velvet, matte lip. I'm a huge fan of the Limecrime Velvetines, however, my bank account really isn't. Imagine my joy one afternoon, mooching around in Superdrug (a regular occurrence for me) and spotting the MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquers on 3 for 2! After a little studying of ingredients, I deemed them vegan friendly and picked up one of each shade they had in stock...

These really are a great budget option if you're looking for a long-lasting matte lip. Very easy to apply and, once dry, perfectly matte. The longevity is fantastic as well. One tip though... I did find that after several hours, it did become a little 'grainy' on my lips but this was fixed by a quick wipe with a tissue followed by a touch up. The swatches below might as well have been a tattoo. It took washing up liquid and a scourer to shift those badboys once they had dried! As you'll see, the pigmentation is fantastic and the colours range from raspberry red, to hot pink, to nude. There's even a Limecrime dupe in there (more on that in a future comparison post).

  L-R: Halcyon, Atomic, Reckless, Funk

The only lip swatch I did was for Halcyon, which is a nude shade that can't seem to decide whether it is pink or peachy in tone. Depends on the light I suppose. It's definitely the one I've been wearing most and is extremely versatile. I think if I'd tried to lip swatch them all, my lips would have been raw. They really do take some removing! This isn't even all of the shades. There are nine in total (really rather gutted I haven't been able to get my hands on the purple shade). 

These lip colours are great for summer as you can just apply it and forget about it for hours and because they're matte, they're not going to melt off your lips at the faintest hint of heat. I'd say they're worth every penny of the £3 price tag and a very worthy budget competitor for the higher end versions. 

Check out the full shade range and shop MUA online at



  1. Woops, signed in under my sister!

  2. I can imagine you needing very smooth lips for these to look good!
    Amy at

    1. I find a decent lip scrub helps. My lips aren't the smoothest tbh but I still like matte lip products as long as they're not too drying

  3. I bought 3 of these when they were first released thinking that they were vegan, but according to MUA none of their products are even suitable for vegetarians! I do wonder whether they just don't care enough to find out though. As they told me, being cruelty free isn't high on their list of priorities. I know they don't test on animals so maybe we just need to read the ingredients ourselves.

    1. Well, I searched every ingredient in these and came up with nothing offensive. As long as they don't test I'm happy to use them up. Think it might just be ignorance on their part

    2. I think you're right, and knowing that another vegan has researched them makes me feel better :)


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