Saturday 2 August 2014

Smells Like Nostalgia: Impulse Vanilla Kisses

No P.E kit was complete without it. Every girl in my form reeked of it. We were ALL obsessed with it. Any 90s teenager will need no introduction to classic Impulse fragrance, Vanilla Kisses*. This stuff was like crack in a can to teenage girls. Fast-forward almost two decades and, at the age of (almost) 32, I once again find myself marinating in it! Surreal to say the least. To celebrate Superdrug's 50th Birthday, Impulse have relaunched Vanilla Kisses and, just as we've all matured a little since those good old days, this iconic fragrance has been given a grown-up, designer makeover...

The 90s revival seems to be in full swing this summer. Scrunchies, jelly shoes and chokers are popping up all over high streets and catwalks. What better than a nostalgic scent to go along with them? Vanilla Kisses has been reformulated with real perfume oils by the fragrance experts behind Dior and Calvin Klein. It still has that signature sweet vanilla base with notes of apple and peach, just with added grown-up chic. These quality ingredients means that the fragrance lasts longer making it a great, on the go, handbag (not school bag) essential. 

Vanilla Kisses is a limited edition release and is currently available exclusively at Superdrug and

Did anyone else go mental for this fragrance back in the day? I used to team mine with 17 Heatherberry lippy and my Morgan school bag. Oh the memories!

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