Sunday 9 December 2012

Texture and Embellishments for S/S'13 at Nails Inc

Good afternoon beauties!
A couple of weeks ago i was lucky enough to be invited along to see what heavyweight nail brand Nails Inc have in store for us in the new year. I've left it a little while before writing this post as i wanted to wear a few of the beautiful polishes i took home that night and include a few of the shades in order to showcase them properly. 

Polishes (l-r): Devonshire Row, Sloane Square, The Thames, Stonehenge, Richmond Terrace

On the night we got to ogle all the new releases for the next year and got to pick 5 polishes to take home and play with from a VERY tempting table along with their bestselling Caviar Topcoat as an extra treat. Check out London Lipgloss and Lily Melrose diving in (i'm not stalking them by the way, i only noticed after that it was them in the photo haha). There were also some lovely Nails Inc girlies working VERY hard to give us all stunning new manicures. 

For my own manicure on the night, i gravitated immediately towards the new Leather-Effect polishes which Nails Inc are releasing as gift sets (including swarovski crystals and skull decals) this month in time for Xmas priced at £19. The individual polishes will then be available from March 2013 priced at £12 each. 

The shade i chose for my own nails was Shoreditch Lane (Mulberry Leather Effect). They even stuck on a couple of little skullies for a good measure! 

I'm so surprised at how long this manicure lasted for! Even the skulls lasted a whole week at work and i actually had to physically remove them in the end, when the polish finally DID start to chip. But it was perfect for the best part of a week. That was with basecoat, 2 coats of the leather polish and nail glue to adhere the skulls. I will be buying this polish when it comes out. I absolutely love it!

Texture was a big theme throughout the evening. Here are some examples....

Uber pretty Feather Effect polishes (released March 2013), also available in a loose dust form to be used with other colour polishes. They almost look like sweets! 

These Concrete Effect polishes were released this month and this is definitely my favourite of all the polishes i took home with me. The shade is Stonehenge, but there are 3 other colours available including Marble Arch (a brilliant red), London Wall (a beigy nude shade that i am kicking myself for not picking up as well) and Monument (a flourescent lime shade). Again, 2 coats of this polish lasts a long time and it dries super quick!! 

One that i didn't get to road test was the Denim Effect polish which will be released in June 2013. I got a little confused when i walked in and saw all the jeans, but once i clapped eyes on the polish i got the idea. 

As we're in December now, i couldn't resist throwing in a bit of glitter for this post. As one of the polishes i picked up was Sloane Square, i decided to try it out last week.....

So my first hint of festive sparkle comes on top of the, not so festive, The Thames which is murky grey in the bottle, but leans slightly green once on the nails. I actually love the shade and i'm not surprised its one of their top sellers. Sloane Square brightens it up a treat though and the colour of the glitters compliments it perfectly! This mani also lasted a week! I'm on the same train i was on last week as i was when i did this manicure and i'm only just feeling the need to repaint. So impressed with the longevity of these polishes!! 

I could go on and on and on about everything i saw that night, but i'll let you discover the rest as 2013 unfolds. Needless to say it involves sparkles, crystals and some serious COLOUR!! You really can't fault Nails Inc for product innovation. They always come up with something spectacular! 

Are you a fan of texture on your nails?? What do you think of Nails Inc's latest innovations?? 


  1. I NEED that 3D glitter, obsessed. It looks amazing. Loving the leather and concrete effects too, so cool! xx

  2. Nice event! I wish I could have come :-(

    I dont like the concrete ones, I tried those at the Debenhams Press day and I hate the look and texture of them. I really like the feather ones though...they are awesome!


  3. Shoreditch Lane looks gorgeous !! I am literally going to buy that right now!!!

  4. OMG ! I loved everything. I am going to get it soon. Thanks for the post.


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