Wednesday 27 June 2012

Watch This Space........ I'll BRB!

Hi there lovelies.....

This is just a quick note to say that I haven't deserted my blog and a massive apology to all my readers that I have been absent for most of June.
As some of you will know I am currently making the move to London to pursue my PR ambitions and to be closer to the action. Unfortunately, along with work, University commitments and the subsequent health repercussions, this means I have had VERY little time to pick up my laptop and write anything.
I do, however, have many new posts planned and do not think for one SECOND that I have given up on my blog, because once all the hard work has paid off, Brunette Beauty Banter will be back and better than EVER!!

Thank you to all my gorgeous readers (and patient PRs) for bearing with me and I can't wait to share all my news with you all soon!!

Lots of love and Lipstick



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  1. Really hope everything is going well for you missy, and don't make yourself ill with strain- relax when your body tells you to relax damnit! xxx

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