Thursday 28 April 2011

Awww Fuzzy Family SNOOZE!!

I think some kind of Alien from outer space has beamed in and swapped my fuzzies! 

Last night BOTH ferrets were allowed up onto the bed and, rather than trying to tenderise my feet under the duvet and dig my legs to bits, they BOTH.. yes BOTH decided to curl up on the bed and have a snooze with me! 

That NEVER happens!!
I usually get Pedro wanting cuddles and tickles before he falls asleep on me but never Jasper! Decided to join them in an early night (but not before documenting the occasion on the iPhone lol)

Mumma's little 'Terror' Jasper

And total mumma's boy Pedro

I'm sure we looked a right sight all sprawled out on my bed sleeping.... Until Jasper decided to wake everyone up because HE wanted to PLAY! 

Awwww I LOVE my fur-kids :)


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