Monday 25 April 2011

Introducing... The Fuzzies!

In this blog there will be 2 certain individuals which will feature HEAVILY as they provide no end of laughter and ridiculousness to my life on a daily (if not HOURLY) basis...

I am talking about my 2 ferrets Pedro and Jasper. For those of you not that familiar with Ferrets, these two are not smelly, unfriendly, rabbit killing biters. But rather (like most fuzzies I know) are extremely intelligent, funny and quirky little chaps whose one goal in life is to steal and hide EVERYTHING possible before curling up in it for a snooze (yes they are my ideal pet haha).

Here is their mugshot... if you ever see them with a pair of socks hanging out of their mouths, tell them i'd like them back please). Pedro is on the left and Jasper on the right :)


1 comment

  1. Aww they are adorable! Jasper's little face in the picture is priceless :)


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