Monday 5 October 2015

Soigne Botanique Liqueur De Chocolat Collection

Soigne Botanique - Liqueur De Chocolat Review and Swatches

Brace yourselves, folks... Love nail polish? Love chocolate? Love rich, Autumnal colours? I've got a collection for you today that ticks all of those boxes! I've mentioned Soigne Botanique in the past, over on my vegan blog, but I thought it was high time they made their TLC debut. Soigne (pronounced Swahn-yay) are a gorgeous cruelty-free, vegan and eco-friendly nail polish brand, producing quality, pigmented polishes using plant-based ingredients and no carcinogenic chemical nasties.

Soigne Botanique - Liqueur De Chocolat Collection

The Soigne 'Liqueur De Chocolat collection is made up of shades inspired by, and named after, chocolate and liqueurs (errrr... SOLD!). The polishes are 100% cruelty-free and formulated using 85% plant-based ingredients, including wood pulp, cotton, potato, corn and manioc.

Liqueur De Chocolat nail swatches

Left to Right: Vin Rouge, Absinthe, Parfait D'amour, Whisky, Champagne

All of these shades are absolutely perfect for the new Autumn/Winter season. Soigne really know how to team their collections and there isn't a single shade in this one that I don't wear. I'm absolutely in love with Absinthe; it's quite unlike any other shade in my collection. Vin Rouge is reminiscent of Nails Inc Victoria and Champagne is the prettiest, cool gold shade. Parfait D'Amour, strangely, appears much more blue in these photographs but, in reality, it's a deep purple. The polishes are very smooth to apply and highly pigmented. The swatches above consist of two coats with no top coat. They're glossy on their own but, when teamed with a coat of Seche Vite, they last over a week on me without chipping. 

Soigne Botanique polishes have that wonderful, luxurious quality to them throughout. The packaging is chic and the gift boxes housing the collections are beautifully presented. This one came wrapped in a gorgeous gold bow. It was almost a shame to unbox it! I don't really have anything bad to say at all about the polishes. If I had to pick a grumble, I did notice some staining on my nails after wearing Absinthe, despite using a base coat. 

Definitely one for your Christmas list (okay, I finally said the C-word). If chocolate liqueurs aren't your thing, Soigne have a a full shade range including creamy neutrals, pastels and brights, all with that same Parisienne feel to them. 

Browse the full range at

Prices for boxed collections start at £38 and individual polishes are priced at £11 for 10ml



  1. I do love Soigne nail varnishes. I have both the Fruit marbles and Macaron collections as well as around five single shades and their gel top coat! x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

    1. I'm obsessed with their Choux La Creme (?) collection but it's always sold out! I need those neutrals x


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