Tuesday 11 March 2014

New Addiction! Rebel Kitchen 'Mylk'

Wow, I'm on a bit of a roll with the food and drink type posts this year! A bit different for me I'm quite enjoying it actually. Fresh out of sweet treats from my The Vegan Kind box last week, I went on to discover Rebel Kitchen via Instagram and just HAD to make an order. My greedy Vegan tummy just NEEDED them. I'm a complete sucker for flavoured milks and Veganism isn't going to put a stop to my obsession. In a way I'm loving them even more! 

I just love the whole attitude behind Rebel Kitchen. Seriously, if a product says "Drink me, I'm Epic" then I am gonna drink it. And trust me when I say these badboys ARE epic! Consisting entirely of whole foods, no artificial nasties and no added sweeteners, Rebel Kitchen 'Mylk' is one of those treats that you won't feel guilty indulging in. They are made using a combination of coconut milk, spring water, date nectar and cacao. Per 200ml you're getting approx 100kcal and 4g fat (only 2 of which are from saturated fats and there's ZERO cholesterol). Obviously there is a fair portion of sugar involved BUT the good news is that it's all naturally occurring sugars and nothing refined. Plant-tastic! 

Sooooooooo... what's the verdict??
Rebel Kitchen Mylk is my new treat of choice. I was really pleasantly surprised how creamy they are. I thought they would be quite thin in texture, which is slightly true for the Orange Choc variety but not so for the other two. The flavours are amazing. None of that artificial taste that you get with regular milkshakes. A little Instagram birdie tells me that there will be new flavours emerging soon which I am definitely excited for and will be purchasing without hesitation. 

Right now you can purchase Mylk on the Rebel Kitchen website and at Whole Foods Kensington. I ordered a 'taster pack' with one of each flavour for £5.70 which isn't cheap. Definitely an occasional indulgence, BUT Rebel Kitchen gives you the opportunity to bulk buy packs of 12 and 24 which saves a few pennies. I'm not sure on the price in the shops at the moment as I don't live near Kensington. Hopefully they will be adding more stockists soon to save me on P&P. 

Check out all of these flavours at 

What are your favourite dairy alternatives?? Do you have a particular animal-friendly sweet treat of choice?? Have you tried Rebel Kitchen Mylk?? 

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  1. They sound gorgeous! I avoid dairy because I have IBS and it sets it off, and I think cow's milk should go to their calves not humans.

    By the way I love what you say above the comment box about deleting comments if the link is longer than the comment! Hahaha, those kind of people suck. x


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