Saturday 11 January 2014

My Yankee Sale Purchase

This is only a snippet of my collective January Sales haul for 2014. I'm planning on doing my main Sales post next week as a job lot as I'm still waiting on a parcel. I haven't gone nuts this year so it will all fit into one but I wanted to bring you THIS post in advance, and all to itself, as it is the one I've been most excited about. I FINALLY got my mitts on a Large Yankee 'Snow in Love' jar candle. And I got it in the SALE too!! 

I picked up this badboy for £14.99 which is £4 off the RRP for a large Yankee jar. I actually made this purchase just before Christmas because I wanted to make sure this scent hadn't sold out by the time I got round to buying it. Luckily the Yankee sale had already begun by then and I got a bargain. 

Snow in Love was my ultimate favourite of the 2013 Festive collection from Yankee. I did do a little haul post not so long ago about all my favourite Yankee jars, tarts and votives for the 2013 season (you can find that Here) in which I declared this one the winner of my affections. I love it because it is woody, fresh and slightly sweet at the same time and is a scent that I feel I will enjoy all year round. It's such a refreshing change from your usual sweet, spicy Christmas fragrances (not that I don't adore those too, I might add, I'm burning Snowflake Cookie right now!)

I also took the liberty of ordering a couple of extra wax tarts in this fragrance just to be on the safe side. Sadly, as I write this post, it seems that Snow in Love has sold out in the Yankee sale BUT there are still many bargains to be had, from jar candles to votives or tarts. There are still some of the Christmas fragrances marked down.

Check out the remaining bargains at 

What were your fragrance winners over Christmas 2013?? Did you take advantage of the Yankee Sale??

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  1. I am OBSESSED with Yankee Candles! I've been burning Christmas Cookie for ages now and Salted Caramel is absolutelly delicious as well! haha Just started following your lovely blog! xx

    Fernanda @


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