Monday 8 July 2013

Review: Crystal Clear 'Lift Away The Years' System

A little while ago I posted about the 'Lift Away The Years' system* by Anti-Aging specialists Crystal Clear. The products promised a simple, easy and convenient at-home solution to expensive salon facial treatments as well as visible lifting results. For more detailed information on the product see my original post Here. I've been playing with the products over the last couple of weeks and I'm back today to share my thoughts and experience with you. 

The vibrating wand really intrigued me. After filling the rollerball head with the Intensive serum (it was a little unclear how much product to put in initially but I figured it out) you apply the wand to the face systematically in a series of circular motions in different areas and directions. The diagrams and instructions looked a little daunting to be honest but once you start applying the product it's very quick to get the hang of it. Due to my recent operation on my forehead I had to avoid that area, which is a shame because my brows are definitely an area I'd like to focus on in the future, but I really went to town on my neck and jawline to make up for it.

It was actually a really quick process. More so than I was expecting and I found that my skin felt tingly and it did appear lifted. I couldn't really get it to translate very well via a photograph but I could see a subtle difference afterwards. I did go a bit pink afterwards but I understand that that is due to the stimulating nature of the wand. My one slight issue was that the serum itself took quite a while to sink into my skin. This is due to it being very rich and intensive, I'm sure, but I would not have wanted to apply my makeup straight away after using it. Once it did sink in, however, my skin felt plumped and soft. 

 I think these products are a fantastic solution for anyone with areas they feel need a lift but who haven't got the time or budget for regular, expensive spa treatments. This system retails for £59 (you get the wand and serum for this price) which may seem steep but you need to offset that against how much you'd be paying for non-surgical facelift treatments in the salon. I still think it's worth the investment if you're going to see results and can afford it. I, personally, won't be able to repurchase it at full price (student poverty) but I'm really glad I got to try it as I really did see a subtle difference. 

To purchase these products and read more about the Crystal Clear range check out



  1. Hi I am man and I have really bad bags under my eyes do you think this would work for me.

    1. The serum is very rich and heavy so I'm not sure I'd recommend using it directly under the eyes. Could possibly make your situation worse as it has a plumping effect. Have you tried one of those under eye roller products? Like the Garnier one specifically for eyes...


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