Saturday 6 July 2013

BeneFit NEW Ultra Plush LipGloss: Kiss You

Good afternoon Beauty Seekers!!
Isn't it GLORIOUS?! Its about time we had a few days of proper Summer Sunshine. Before I go and plant myself out on the patio with the ipad and several bottles of Bulmers, I'd like to talk a little about lipgloss with you. Namely, the new BeneFit Ultra Plush LipGloss in the shade 'Kiss You'*. Regular readers will know that I am not a glossy kinda girl and have had more misses than hits with them over the years, but I was keen to try these newly released products and I was also lucky enough to win one in a quiz at their recent event...

I love the Art Deco feel of the packaging for this product! Even the gloss tube itself has that little finishing touch. The colour of this lipgloss got me really excited when I first pulled it out of the box. I've been searching high and low for lip shades just like this. BeneFit describe it as a 'Clear Fuchsia', which did make my heart sink a little. I'm no fan of a sheer lip product, let me tell you. I'm not one to judge a book by it's cover though so I swatched on regardless!

To be completely honest here... I was disappointed that this shade wasn't more opaque. I had to apply it thicker than I would usually to get the colour for this photo. However, it is still a very pretty, subtle shade for Summer wear and I can imagine it being very handy to add a glossy shine to any matte pink or lilac lipstick. The formula isn't sticky or waxy, which is my major bugbear with glosses. It applies directly from the tube as well so no frantically trying to scrape the product out with a wand when it starts to run low.

Looking at the full range online, it seems that not all of the shades are as sheer as the one I have (just my luck). As well as my Clear Fuchsia, they have a completely clear version, then the rest of the shades seem to have more of a WOW factor to them and include a hot pink, a bubblegum pink and soft berry shades, amongst others. 

Check them all out here at

Are you a Gloss lover?? Do you prefer a sheer wash of colour or something with more DRAMA?? Do you rate BeneFit lip products??



  1. What a coincidence, I just reviewed these too! I am not a gloss person either but love how non sticky and smooth they are :)

  2. That shade is SO stunning! I love their new packaging xxx


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