Saturday 24 November 2012

My Autumn/Winter Colours 2012: Makeup Edition

Hello lovelies! 
I hope everyone's had a great week and keeping nice and warm from the cold! Speaking of which, I thought i'd do a post about what makeup colours i have been loving for the new season. Autumn/Fall is a season particularly associated with stunning colours and i've found myself reaching for a certain palette of shades without even realising it! So i thought i would snap a few to show you!

I'll start with the cheek products because i really pay attention to what shades i put on my cheeks in the winter months. As is to be expected in colder weathers i'm not as tan as i am in the Summer, and rightly so (i'm not inclined to overcompensate for this, but prefer to go with it). I really enjoy glowy cheeks in winter shades. My ultimate favourite is Sleek's Fenberry Blush from last year's Berry Collection but i conveniently left it at my parents house last week so it was unavailable for photos.

Sleek Blush by 3: Pumpkin
I think the name says it all to be honest. This palette is named and put together PERFECTLY for this season! You have a gorgeous reddened coral shimmer, a slightly darkened pink and a juicy tangerine. I've used all of these recently and it's permanently in my makeup bag when i'm travelling around for uni as i love to be able to choose.
BeneFit Dallas
Even though it's pretty matte, i just adore the burnt peach and plum tones this powder has! It really  adds a beautiful glow to the cheeks. I often use this with a gold toned highlighter in the evening or just a sweep on it's own in the daytime.
Bourjois Delice De Poudre: 
As i mentioned before, although i like to have a glow about my skin (nobody WANTS to look like a corpse at any time of the year), i do try and tone it down a bit for Winter. I fake tan more often, but don't build it up as much, if that makes sense. This bronzer on me is very subtle. Usually i would mainly use it as a contour, but recently i have been popping a bit on my cheeks, nose and chin to add a bit of warmth.

Sleek i-Divine Palette: Avoir La Peche (Paraguaya Collection)
I can safely say that, in recent weeks, i have NOT been into much on my eyes. My staple look of late has consisted of JUST my Maybelline Gel Liner and 17 Peep Show Mascara. But when i have reached for eyeshadows lately i have only reached for this palette. I love how it's warm, but not dark and how the shades brighten up my green eyes. Again, the peach and orange tones of the shadows are so seasonal, but are kept muted and flattering thanks to the grey and brown shades. This palette was Limited Edition BUT i find the Sunset palette from Sleek to be every bit as appropriate. It's a MUST have for the cooler months in my opinion.

Can you see a pattern emerging here for Pumpkin and Berry shades?? My nail choices very much fall in with this pattern. I'm not going to wax lyrical about the shades this time (i chose them pretty much for the same reasons as everything else above), but i will list the shades for you just for reference purposes.

OPI Barefoot in Barcelona
OPI Y'all Come Back Ya Hear
Nails Inc Piccadilly Circus
Nails Inc Victoria

I haven't been wearing a ridiculous amount of lipstick just lately because i haven't had too many excuses to, but i've been absolutely loving MAC Spirit (above) for an everyday winter shade. It's just such a natural shade but it's that tiny bit darker and that, to me makes it more special than your average nude. I find it leans slightly purple on me (not really demonstrated in this pic though). It's a Satin finish, which isn't my favourite but i'll forgive it. If i want a lighter shade i'll mix it with Honeylove or Myth.

MAC Vegas Volt (above) is my other winter pick of the year so far. It's a colour i'd usually associate more with summer, but for some reason i've felt like it's brightened up my cold, tired face on a couple of occasions recently. I'd usually go more for Morange in the run up to Xmas but, my hair is a little too purple-ish for it at the moment in my opinion so i substituted it for the, slightly pinker, Vegas Volt.

So those are what makeup shades are floating my boat for Autumn/Winter. I haven't done a makeup look post in a while so i think that, next week, i will combine a few of these products and show you my 'Winter Face'.

What colours are floating your boat this season?? Do you make a bold statement or keep it natural and glowy??


  1. Oh wow, Spirit looks absolutely stunning, what a great everyday shade! Vegas Volt is gorgeous but a bit too bright on my skintone I'm sure x

  2. Love Vegas Volt. After seeing this post I'm thinking a trip over to the Sleek site is needed:)

  3. that sleek blush trio looks beautiful but i have about as much colour as casper so i'm not sure it would work for me :( booooo x

  4. I love vegas volt on u girl ;)


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