Sunday 9 September 2012

Japonesque Goes Exotic!

Good evening my lovely readers!! 
I was so so so lucky to receive yet ANOTHER parcel from the lovely people at Japonesque last week. They really do spoil me! This is one i was super excited about because i'd read all about their new special Safari Chic collection and, as i'm not known for my patience when it comes to parcels, had been on the edge of my seat waiting for it! I didn't receive the whole collection BUT i opened the box to reveal THIS little beauty....

Safari Chic Bronzer Brush
Of course, the first thing that strikes you about these brushes is the funky animal print design. It really is stunning! I love it when i can get excited about a product before i've even whipped it out of the box. However, this is a functional product, not an ornament so i'll shut up about how pretty it is because you can see that for yourself.  

The collection, which consists of a a 3-piece brush set as well as this kabuki-style bronzing brush, is all handmade using synthetic hair and are super soft to the touch. This brush glides over the face smoothly and, once i'd got over my little wobble over not wanting to ruin it's beauty with product, i have REALLY enjoyed using it. It's a slightly rounded kabuki and i have found it to be great for applying products such as my baked bronzers, MSFs and shimmer powders. It's a great size too. Not too small and not too big so you can apply product with precision, without it being concentrated too much in one area. 

As i'm a little impaired when it comes to makeup brushes (i can safely say that non of the brushes i own actually match and that i don't own nearly enough), i've been having to double up with some of them. I've been applying my bronzers and MSF with my powder brush which is far from ideal, but this little beauty is perfect and now my powder brush remains firmly relegated to powder. 

I'd highly recommend this brush, as well as the other Japonesque brushes i own (i own the Travel Blush Brush and the Travel Angled Foundation Brush - read my review HERE) and am so grateful to Japonesque again for letting me write about them. The brush set which accompanies this brush consists of a Powder Brush, Shadow Brush and Crease Brush, and is now at the TOP of my wishlist. All 3 have the same stunning markings as the bronzer brush. I need to mend my ways and stop making do with mismatched brushes. It just won't do. 

You can purchase these brushes and other Japonesque products from or at some larger Boots stores. This brush retails for £19.50, while the brush set retails for £28. You need them in your life. Just looking at this brush makes me feel warm n fuzzy inside haha. 

What are your Japonesque Must-Haves?? Have you tried the other brushes from the range?? I'd love to read your posts! 

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  1. Thanks of sending me your link.

    I might just have to buy one now lool you've convinced me


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